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Community-based facilities



Enerkem builds, owns and operates community-based facilities.


Enerkem develops waste-to-biofuels facilities that bring value to communities.  These plants help stimulate regional economies, increase energy security and reduce landfill volumes.


Enerkem community-based facilities have a compact footprint.  They are usually located on landfill sites or near the municipal solid waste sorting locations.


Enerkem is currently building a waste-to-biofuels facility in Alberta, at the Edmonton Waste Management Centre (Canada).  With its exclusive clean technology, Enerkem will enable the City of Edmonton to reduce its landfill volumes by up to 90%, by converting the non recyclable and non compostable portion of the City’s municipal solid waste into methanol and cellulosic ethanol.  A similar project is under development in Pontotoc, Mississippi, at the Three Rivers landfill site.


In Westbury, Quebec, Enerkem’s facility is located next to a sawmill that recycles used utility and telephone poles.  Enerkem currently converts the non recyclable portion of these poles into methanol and will then produce cellulosic ethanol.


With Enerkem, waste becomes fuel and the world becomes cleaner.