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Enerkem's thermochemical technology platform


Enerkem’s proprietary thermochemical process converts waste into biofuels and chemicals.


Enerkem’s clean technology platform is a 4-step thermochemical process that consists of:

  1. feedstock preparation
  2. gasification
  3. cleaning and conditioning of syngas
  4. catalytic synthesis

Enerkem converts mixed waste and residues into a pure synthesis gas (or syngas) which is suitable for the production of biofuels and chemicals using proven, well-established and commercially available catalysts.  With its proprietary technology platform, the company is able to chemically recycle the carbon molecules from non recyclable waste into a number of products.


Enerkem’s primary focus is the commercial production of cellulosic ethanol.  Its unique process first requires the production of methanol as a chemical building block for the production of ethanol.  Enerkem can also sell its methanol as an end-product, or use it as a key intermediate to produce other renewable chemicals.


Enerkem has validated its technology over 10 years using municipal solid waste from several municipalities, as well as a broad range of residues.  Enerkem’s process uses relatively low temperatures and pressures, which reduces energy requirements and costs. 


Enerkem’s green chemistry provides a source of clean energy as well as a sustainable alternative to landfill and incineration.